Registro de marcas en América Latina

Trademark Registrations in Latin America

We are glad to have a highly educated and prepared team with experience in acquiring trademarks rights in Latin America.

We create bridges to Latin America. Spain has special relationships with Latin American countries, which shares with us the same language and culture. The position of Spain in the region is very important, and a real effect on Spanish Companies.

In addition to the services provided by us and our experience in the region, we also collaborate with a carefully selected and monitored network of associate IP firms to assist clients in all LATAM countries. We offer you the possibility to conduct a prior regional search in all Latin American Countries, and to have one single point of contact through all the prosecution of your trade mark portfolio in Latin America. Practical fixed fee pricing for a large number of trademark services can be provided to help manage your budget. We are confident that we will create value through an efficient and cost effective approach by providing superior service at the best value.


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